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This privacy policy guideline explains our privacy policy when you fill up your personal information and we receive it in our data stores.

Your information and privacy are extremely serious and we NEVER sell the collected information: Names, Telephone Numbers, Addresses, or any other information you share with us either explicitly or implicitly.

We collect your first name, last name, email, telephone number, and country name.

We use this information to send you Arabic Christians material via email. Unless you request another Arabic Christian material, such as a Free Arabic Bible, we will require your physical mailing address.

NO. We DO not share any of your personal information with any affiliates or third parties unless YOU authorize us in writing. For example, if you request Free Arabic Bible from us, we will request your physical mailing address and ask you for authorization in writing (email) to allow our affiliates to mail you the Free Arabic Bible to your physical address.

If for any reason, you NO longer wish to receive any material from us, you can inform us to remove you from our systems. We will DELETE your information from our systems within 24-72 hours with NO questions asked.

We will notify you using your registered email in our system via email for any privacy policy changes.

This privacy policy is effective as of December 2016

You can contact us via phone at 1-703-585-4136 or via mail: God Is Love Out Reach Ministries 4605 Massachusetts Avenue. N.W. Washington D.C. 20006 USA